Update (5): Samsung Galaxy S4: All Rumors In The Overview

Update (14.03.2013): Short before the unveiling of the S4 has Apple- marketing-chief Phil Schiller again properly through the operating system of the next Samsung flagship from blasphemed.

So, manufacturer of Android smartphones would only therefore increasingly build their devices so that the battery life is better. Android smartphones are often been given by the mobile phone operators as a free replacement for the existing mobile customers. From Android to iPhone but four times as many customers switched in Q4/2012 as vice versa. Moreover, users of iPhones are (such as the Apple iPhone 5) according to a survey of analysts by ChangeWave far more satisfied with the device as Android Smartphone owners.

This very real looking photos of S4 appeared today on IT168. Just Tuesday Samsung had already published a first picture of the S4 in Twitter, which revealed little but only was to recognize the form.

Update (11.03.2013): A few days before the publication of the alleged photos of the Galaxy S4 showed up, also the Smartphone with a floating technology could be equipped.

Again it was Sammyhub, which found the images of the “GT-I9502” on a Chinese Forum called 52Samsung, which is interestingly no longer found. If there is a up to a fake, prototypes, a different Smartphone, or indeed the real Galaxy SIV is, it is difficult to answer. Jendenfalls certainly not skin me personally the design from the stool, the new aluminium surround. On a photo are also benchmark results to see which confirm the last gleakten specs.

Previously first alleged screenshots of the S4 were surfaced at GSM Israel, in addition to the specs the “smart scroll” function (see below) as well as “smart pause” function confirm you can keep videos by Iran away from the unit head.

Another message came on Friday from Sammobile, which wants to have experienced that the S4 with a floating touch technology is so far only by the Sony Xperia Sola or the air view function Samsung Galaxy touch 2 knows here only in conjunction with the PEN stylus. Also, the Smartphone screen with a new display technology called “green PHOLED” should be equipped, which will make the AMOLED display 25% more energy efficient.

Finally, there’s another new teaser video, which you can see below the first video.

Update (04.03.2013): should the Galaxy S4 with an Exynos 5410 1.8 GHz dual quad-core CPU, a 4.99 “-FullHD display and Android 4.2. ” This emerges from an AnTuTu benchmark that the Italian HDblog.it has found. More features from the benchmark are a PowerVR SGX 544-GPU, 2 GB RAM, 16 or 32 GB ROM, LTE, A-GPS and Bluetooth 4.0. There’s also a new teaser video, which you can see at the end of this post (from TechLifeChannel uploaded). And like the New York Times reported, a text can be as latest smart trick now eye-rolling scroll (“smart scroll”). Finally the Russian rumor God Eldar Murtazin announced on mobile-review , that he already had the Smartphone at MWC in hand and the body will be made of plastic and other big design changes remain from this time.

Update (Flexi): the S4 could come in the European version but with the OCTA 5 processor. The Taipei Times

during the week, reported that in the US version of S800 chip is used, while in the Europe-S4, an eight-core CPU could run. This page refers to analysts at JPMorgan.

(25.02.2013) update: now it’s official, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be presented Music Hall on March 14 on the radio at 19 h local time (1 hour in the morning in Germany). Among other things, AndroidPithas received corresponding invitations at MWC in Barcelona. With such, you can register on Unpacked2013.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be presented on March 14 said sure. It’s time again to summarize all known info of octa-core processor via FullHD display up down to the 13-mega pixel camera.

One is probably time clearly: If Samsung its new flagship actually on March 14 presented, such as guruEldar Murtazin in Twitter on Monday announced and The Verge in professional sources, then confirmed it will again give a proper spectacle and the manufacturer will put back something out of the hat as the “intelligent features” of the Samsung Galaxy S3. After all, the competition never sleeps: Sony began with the robust yet stylish Sony Xperia Zthis year, HTC surprised with an “outside and inside” redesigned HTC One , and Apple has the Apple iPhone 5 fabricated also a neat piece of technology.

As always, holds of course covered the features of Samsung and makes more than hints, such as on the CES,

as we announced 4.99 inch display with full HD resolution for the first quarter of 2013, and 5 introduced the Exynos octa processor. As well, there is the rumor mill, which provides us with additional info and speculation to the facilities of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Design & display

The design is so far little is known. The Verge assumes that the Samsung Galaxy touch 8.0, which will be seen on the MWC in Barcelona, is designed to provide an indication of the look of the S4. Our site late January on Picasa had discovered a possible image of the Galaxy S4 (see right), a student from Hong Kong already had uploaded on December 27 there. Because the student not at Samsung, the page is but a simply very well-made ovipositors. Sammobile wanted to debunk the image as a fake, so Samsung E.g. so far never used the battery status in his press images. To do so would be the design of Samsung Galaxy note 2 too similar, and finally the interface is exactly the same as that of the S3 (TouchWiz UX), what but something unlikely.

With regard to the screen, to 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (FullHD) resolve this (440 ppi) and measure 4.99 inches diagonally. The South Koreans at CES showed an appropriate image with the display roadmap as above mentioned. The screen will continue to be equipped with the Super AMOLED technology. That already have a flexible, unbreakable display panel will be installed is, however, considered unlikely, since Samsung reportedly no earlier than 2013 serienre if able to produce such screens in the second half of the year.One could admire the technique called “Youm” at CES in Las Vegas.

Processor & memory

Is the Samsung Galaxy S4, you are agree, is a new, faster processor have. This could be a 1.8 GHz-Exynos-5-octa-core chip that made its debut at CES. The chip set combines two quad-core processors and uses therefore the big. Called LITTLE ARM technology, which combines strong with weak CPUs, alternate depending on the task, or working together. As Engadget writes, A15-chip with 1.8 GHz per core, as well as an A7-chip 1.2 GHz per core cortex are this a cortex. According to Samsung, this combination ensures a twice as fast 3D performance than the fastest processor that is currently on the market. In addition, this will allow high energy efficiency, which the models by up to 70% spormsparender do. The 8-core GPU should come from the home of Mali (Mali T-658).

It could also be that a 2 GHz Exynos 5450 quad core chip is used. Now there is speculation even about a third possibility. As writes Our site on a Korean website, also a 1.9 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core CPU installed might a Samsung chip set instead of, the S600 or S800. The OCTA core should have still therefore to struggle with an excessive heat buildup chip. With regard to memory, is but agree, here the talk is of 2 GB while the internal memory has allegedly either 16, 32 or 64 GB and externally can be expanded via MicroSD.

Android, camera, & other

The Samsung Galaxy S4 could be the first Smartphone in addition to the Google Mobile LG nexus 4 be based on the latest Android version 4.2 jelly bean is that waiting under other 360 ° panorama camera function and a better Google now service.

The cameras should resolve megapixels with 13 (re) and 2 (front-facing camera) and at least back shoot full HD videos. As the predecessor of the Galaxy S series also the S4 should not be also equipped with a home button, during a S pen pen probably like the Samsung Galaxy touch 2 is integrated, but will be available as accessories.

Also, there will be again a version with LTE radio module and one without. This was already the case, to which the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE appeared at the S3. Finally the gemunkelte 2,600 mAh battery via wireless Qi induction charge could be charged, as it occurs at the Nokia Lumia 920. Just the Smartphone on a charger or plate set, you’re ready to go.

We will keep you abreast of course, as soon as there are new rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S4!