Ushuaia, Argentina

The capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia, located on the banks of the Beagle Channel and surrounded by the Martial Mountains, is the southernmost city on the planet. The distance to Antarctica is no more than 900 km. The city is surrounded by picturesque mountains.

The first inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego appeared here 10 thousand years ago, when the Strait of Magellan had not yet separated this part from the continent. Now the local population is 70 thousand inhabitants, gradually increasing due to the development of tourism and the emergence of a free trade zone here. The climate on the island is wonderful, especially spring, summer and early autumn. This period is perfect for walks in the national park, cruises, fishing and other trips to these places.

Ushuaia looks completely different from the city that was founded by the first settlers. The Argentine government generously finances the development of this tourist resort, and therefore more and more new quarters are constantly appearing here.

The main attraction of Ushuaia is the Tierra del Fuego National Park, which is located 11 km west of the city. The national park is located on the border with Chile in its western part, and in the east it is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. The park is the southernmost forests on planet Earth. Tierra del Fuego Park was founded in 1960 in order to protect local forests from deforestation. In the park, you can admire beautiful mountain landscapes, as well as see amazing endless valleys with numerous rivers and lakes.

You can get to the national park on the tourist train “To the End of the World” with an old steam locomotive used to transport prisoners. The train follows the banks of the Pipo River, past the reconstructed settlements of the indigenous Yamana Indians, through dense beech forests – and after 7 km arrives on the territory of Tierra del Fuego.

Ushuaia has excellent conditions for outdoor enthusiasts. In summer, lovers of sport fishing, mountain bikes, and horseback riding come here from all over the world. Boat trips along the Beagle Channel are offered to everyone. During the summer, many different cruise ships arrive at the port of Ushuaia, which subsequently follow to Antarctica. Basically, Ushuaia is the starting point for tourists from all over the world to glaciers or Antarctica.

26 km from Ushuaia is the famous ski resort Cero Castor Ushuaia, which is located near Antarctica. The ski season lasts from June to October. It is during this period that all lovers of skiing are guaranteed perfectly natural snow cover. Excellent modern ski infrastructure awaits you, as well as excellent service. The total length of the ski slopes in Cero Castor Ushuaia is 21 km, and the area of coverage intended for skiing exceeds 400 hectares.

Ushuaia is located 3200 km from Buenos Aires. The flight by local airlines will take about five hours.

Ushuaia’s climate is temperate, and not as harsh as many people think. The climate is moderated by the influence of the sea and the surrounding mountains. The best time to travel to Ushuaia is from November to April.

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Ushuaia, Argentina