Video and Photos of The Latest Campaign of Ermanno Starred by Francisco Lachowski

There is no article that speaks of models worthy of the name without mentioning to Francisco Lachowski. After a day in which Jon Kortajarena has given us a cover page and a campaign, change log to review the new signature campaign Ermanno, with Lachowski as the protagonist.

The campaign of this firm which I must confess to having discovered today, is set on the beach. It is composed of several photographs, all of them with a light of dusk that give sensation of cold.

The truth is that it is a joy to enjoy this type of campaigns featuring models with both style. If these images that are published so far you know, also we bring you the video presentativo of the collection, which logically follows the essence of photographs (though a thousand static motion picture is always better).

How about Francisco Lachowski in this last campaign of the signature Ermanno?