Visa to Singapore

If your stay in Singapore does not exceed 96 hours and you are in transit, that is, you arrive from one country and fly to a third country, then a visa is not needed. However, you must have a valid air ticket to your next destination, confirming that you will leave Singapore within 96 hours. According to itypeusa, a transit visa is issued no more than once a month, if you re-stop in Singapore within a month, you must apply for an entry visa. A transit visa is issued upon arrival and departure at Changi Airport; when crossing the border by land, transit is not valid. Also, a transit visa is not issued when flying with the following airlines: Berjaya Air, Ceby Pacific Air, Tiger Airways, Firefly, Southeast Asian Airways.

To enter Singapore, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the end of the trip.

To stay in Singapore not in transit, or for more than 96 hours, you need to apply for a visa.

The documents:

  • Color copy of the main page of the passport;
  • Completed application form (in English);
  • A scanned color photograph, always on a white background. Please note that the quality of the photo must be clear, like on a passport.

All copies of photographs and passports must be signed in Latin with the last name and first name.


For girls traveling unaccompanied by men, additionally required:

  • Providing an official certificate from the place of work indicating the amount of wages.
  • Providing a bank statement. The account balance must be at least $1,000.

Transit stop at Changi Airport

At Singapore Changi Airport Transit passengers can go to the city if the connecting time exceeds 5 hours, or spend time at the airport in the DUTY FREE zone
Tourist services: SPA and beauty salon, fitness room, swimming pool, botanical garden, shopping gallery, restaurants, music bar, business center, free wireless internet, hotel located in the transit zone.

  • At Singapore Airport, you can sign up for a city tour for those tourists who have a connecting time between flights that exceeds 5 hours.

Tours start time: 09.00, 11.00, 13.00, 15.00 and 16.00
Tours are conducted in English (with headphones) and can be group tours.
You need to go to the SINGAPORE VISITOR CENTER counter which is in each terminal in the DUTY FREE zone before going through passport control
Terminal 1 – next to NEXUS LOUNGE in TRANSIT MALL EAST, 2nd floor
Terminal 2 – next to SWEET TREATS, 2nd floor
Terminal 3 – next to TRANSFER LOUNGE, 2nd floor

Changi Airport has all the conditions for a comfortable stay of passengers: comfortable recreation areas for the smallest to the oldest passengers with round-the-clock service.

For children: Chocolate and sweet shops, XBox entertainment area, PlayStation3 with the latest exciting games (Terminal 2), mother and child room, for parents with babies there is a feeding room with a changing table and hot water (terminals 1,2,3), Children’s play area with toys and slides (terminal 1,2,3) Family area with playrooms and cartoon channels for children (terminals 1,2), toys and books (terminal 1,2,3) Huge selection of toys and books.

Adult entertainment: Live music area (terminal 2,3), TV entertainment rooms (terminal 1,2,3), Entertainment area with MTV booths, online games, Playstation, Xbox, Cinema (terminals 2,3), outdoor pool air, botanical garden, butterfly garden, spa center.

Tax Refund – Singapore Goods Tax Refund

Refund of tax on goods and services (Tax Refund)

Foreign nationals can claim a 5.5% Value Added Tax (GST) refund at the airport upon presentation of a valid receipt. You can get a tax refund if you spent more than 100 S$ on purchases, and somewhere more than 300 S$ in a licensed store.

Attention: You must ask the seller for a check for Tax Refund, or contact the Customer service, which is in every supermarket, where they will give this check.

Refunds are made at the airport. Before registration, find the Global Refund counter, present the completed receipts and passport, you may also be asked to show the purchased goods, you will be stamped. After registration, in the Duty Free zone, find the Global Refund counter, present stamped checks and receive your money in any currency. Money can be given out both in cash and transferred to a card. If the goods purchased in Singapore are carried in hand luggage, then you need to apply already at the Global Refund counter in the Duty Free zone.

Visa to Singapore