Wedding Dresses Attack Films And We Inspire

Many girls (not to say 99.9%) dream with the big day of your wedding, the guest list, reception, but above all, the ritual of seek and find the right wedding dress, I must confess that I am not part of this statistic! is more, or I like to go as a guest to the wedding and is not for loving spite and that sort of thing simply does not fit in my head, in conclusion I’m the Grinch of weddings.

What I love is watching movies, especially when fashion makes appearance; the names of large firms are mostly when it comes to movies where some wedding dress is involved. From the simplest to the most overloaded, here are some dresses that make sigh and dream of a wedding of film; to me, only I like to admire them.

Who says that working in a bookshop is zero glamorous? The shy young Jo Stockton played by Audrey Hepburn was a dress with skirt tull, long flight and very 50’s of Givenchy, becoming the best model American in Paris in “Funny Face.”

Classic, your best friend and you are planning your wedding day since they were girls care! They may end up & date and causing a “Bride Wars” do not believe me? Ask Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Liv (Kate Hudson) both wore Vera Wangdresses, Liv chooses the impressive skirt of tulle and a grey velvet Ribbon, this belongs to the spring 2009 collection, meanwhile Emma opts for a vintage model, dress her mother; Although in real life is not so vintage, this dress is 2005 Vera Wang collection.

For boys the stag or hen party tend to be fun; except when you lose the groom, mental gaps make their appearance and are accompanied by of “The hangover”. Tracy Garner (Sasha Barrese) aka the bride comes into hysteria and more, if it is in danger, the inability to use her dress with neckline heart organza silk, Amsale bridal collection.

Normally, the no-bodas, are a sad and tragic event, but all left behind when the wedding dress becomes more important than the wedding and this, only happens in “Sex and the City” and a true fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) with the dress more coveted by thousands of women in the world, designed by Vivienne Westwood and approximate value of 11,460 Euros and , which was in fact sold short and “cheaper” version (7, 200 Euros) on the NET page – would believe that it was all? No, Vogue US devoted an editorial to Carrie Bradshaw with several wedding dresses with large firms as Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, Christian Lacroix and Jeanne Lanvin. I think that at the end of accounts was more the dream of a fashionista than the one of a bride not to believe it?

Before were unaware that vampires shine and marry, until it reached the Twilight saga with “Breaking Dawn Part 1” and broke the charm of Bram Stoker had built about vampires; the only salvageable detail of this event (fans of the saga, sorry) is the beautiful dress Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) who tells a more interesting story that the same saga (again, sorry.) The dress was designed by Carolina Herrera, but don’t believe that it was made to the score; Carolina Herrera was inspired in the 1920s by the origin of Edward and dresses that are described in the novels of Jane Austen’s 19th-century, as the author Stephenie Meyer of Breaking Dawn book recounts. The dress is based on simple lines, with impressive detail and seductive in the back being at the same time traditional by its 152 buttons covered and lined on the back more 17 buttons on each of the sleeves, its lace Chantilly especially made for dress Bella and its composition of crepe satin that normally is not used for Bride dresses today , but in the 1920s (very adhoc). The development was made by hand and tailored to the actress Kristen Stewart, his clothing took 4 dressmakers and Designer 6 months and the approximate cost is $ 35,000.

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