Whatsapp Begins to Have Aspect Material Design with Your Last Update

The most commonly used in Spain messaging application repaints, this time to the 2.11.498 version. Unfortunately we not bring functionality which will allow us in the future to make calls through the application, tool that Whatsapp is still working, but it is of a small but important change in the interface of the application.

After the tests I’ve done It is necessary to have Android 5.0 in order to enjoy these extras, Since a lower version we will not see the changes while we update. Not it is worth recalling that Android 5.0.3 comes from road to solve the problems caused with the RAM memory of our devices.

Among the changes we observe that images of our contacts have abandoned the obsolete square design to show now in circles, more chords with the aspect marked by Material Design. Another of its changes is the new color that appears in the notification bar, which is darker and being more in line with employees in Android 5.0.

At the moment is not that drastically changes the design of Whatsapp but for something it starts and We hope that its appearance fits as soon as possible to the times that run. If you want to download it you can do it directly from Google Play, since the update is now available. Do you like these small changes by Whatsapp?