WhatsApp for Android Returns to Enable Invitations for Free Calls

A couple of weeks ago we saw as WhatsApp He began to turn in a staggered fashion and very controls the expected function to perform free calls from your client’s messaging through a system of invitations that lasted just a few hours.

As well, they have now become to activate that particular invitation system to make more users can enjoy already from the WhatsApp calls from your Android devices. Unknown during story time people who already enjoy calls can enable calls to the rest of your contacts.

How to invite a contact to WhatsApp calls

Only contacts that have already enabled the WhatsApp calls You can invite your contacts. So you only have to a call to the contact that you want to invite. This contact will need to have installed the latest version of WhatsApp (2.11.552) which is downloadable from the website page, restart the phone and accept the incoming call.

Once one accepts a contact called whatsapp Vera as the interface of the application will change, showing three tabs (calls, Chats and contacts) with function calls enabled. If we received a call and not the new interface appears to us we have to clear the cache of the application.

By steps:

  • Install WhatsApp (2.11.552).
  • Restart the phone
  • Receive and accept a call from WhatsApp