Will Bring New Features to Google Now: Public API and More Personalized Content

Google Now began to take its first steps towards a new and more open 30 January, when it began to open up through a pilot programme to a total of 40 third-party applications, undertaking a path so that we began to receive cards from information related to our favorite applications.

It seems that the results of this experiment are satisfying to Google, at least thats how I can say after that Aparna Chennapragada, Google Now product management Director, declared at a Conference that they have the intention of create an open API for many other applications can be integrated also with the Google service.

But that our Google Now may not be filled news and spam from applications, Google is first trying to find out which is the type of information that users want to receive applications that are included in Google Now, for what, as it tells us The Next Web, has been conducting a series of surveys in recent months.

Chennapragada also explained that although some of the notifications of Google Now are applicable to any person, are working in the application can identify and respond to the tastes and tolerances for each user to decide what type of information show. As an example I put, it would be very useful to Google Now know how much in advance you like each one reach the airport before catching a flight to send to you a few more effective warnings.