Xiaomi Import Goods Might Be Infected With Malicious Software

Xiaomi is already a big star in this country still unknown, but in Asia: the Smartphone manufacturer struggles to 3rd place in the world rankings to number of smartphones sold. Thus, Xiaomi is located just behind Apple and Samsung. Many a Xiaomi are interested also in Germany, but the manufacturer sells officially not in Europe. Through an online dealer order some prospects of malicious software with: A Trojan is sometimes installed.
Caution: it’s not enough to remove only the Trojan! Patients should be promptly to swap the SIM card by the provider! More info in the section of further important steps.

Xiaomi Mi4: images of the 300 Euro top Smartphone

Which are affected?

Some online retailers sell the Xiaomi Mi4 and the Redmi touch duty-free to Germany with German language. But that’s where caution is advised, because Xiaomi offers no German translation for its software. The online retailer has nevertheless touted a translated version, it is possible that the Smartphone is contaminated. Three retailers, the problem is already confirmed: at Coolicool.com, COMPUTER related image his tainted test specimen of the dealer has since then not expressed. On Twitter, Nerdbench reported that Geekvida.de immediately responded to the message and provides its customers with a return or repair. Geekvida also takes over costs. The German Forum Decuro.de provides a translated version for Xiaomi smartphones. Decuro-Admin Sebastian Kintzel could confirm image in conversation with COMPUTER that also Efox-shop, Comebuy and more dealers of this Trojan are affected. Also the warning also applies to the Redmi note here the Trojans should also push mischief. All shops are concerned, your equipment from Huaqiangbei related, one of the largest electrical markets in Shenzhen.

How to do find the Trojan

In the test Our site used the G to get data app Internet security to the Trojans on the human. The Trojans but also with any other malware scanner may be found. If the scanner is on, you are affected.

Video titled

Now it’s official: some Xiaomi smartphones are sold with pre-installed Trojans. The video explains whether you are also affected. Several online retailers sell a Xiaomi with Trojan

What makes the Trojans?

The Trojan Android.Trojan. Fadeb. A has some nasty tricks up its sleeve: as he reads from the caller list and can retrieve all running applications. Worse still, Without the knowledge of the user’s malicious software programs installed or uninstalled it. In addition, the Trojan reads the IMSI number. You need this number to log into his cell phone in the mobile network. Through knowledge of the number, it is possible to clone the SIM card then to listen in to conversations, to make calls from the telephone and to create movement profiles an attacker. Also pay-by-phone number is possible.

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How to rid the Trojans?

G data checked for Our site the original firmware of Xiaomi Mi4 version Mi6.2. 1.0. The result is positive: no viruses, no Trojans. It is therefore important to install the Trojan free Xiaomi software on two memory partitions. But beware: personal data may be lost during this process. Who does not want to give up the German translation, downloads a German version of Decuro. How explains the contribution in the Decuro Forum. Who has taken his device at Geekvida, is in a very comfortable situation: Geekvida offers an accommodating development. Customers send their device either free of charge and get rolled out the latest, virus-free version of Xiaomi software, the merchant assumes shipping costs. Or the customer will return his device and get refunded the full purchase price a considerable service.

More important steps

Because the Trojan horse peeks from the IMSI number, affected parties must be immediately replace your SIM card. It is otherwise possible that the hackers at the expense of the parties concerned value-added services use and / or costs in any other way. You should check also your phone bill on any additional costs. The test card of the Our site was charged in the trial period not with questionable costs, but because there is a danger that one should not unnecessarily take the risk. The simplest solution is to send to a new SIM card and disable the old through the customer service by phone to leave.

Who brought the software in circulation?

If you are the author of the Trojan, remains unresolved. After a first investigation, the Trojan sends its data to the URL 91haowan.com. Who is behind it, is not without establishing another: the Registrar is a proxy firm is, the anonymous Web pages registered.

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